Make Up Kits.

Make Up Kits.

We have a range of products for your eyes,  all organic and natural.

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Exposed Bold Definition Contour Kit

The ultimate cream to powder contour and sculpting kit.  Use the Exposed Professional Contour K..


Barry M Mythology Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

Create endless mesmerising looks with the rich, shimmering shades of Mythology. With a selection of ..


Technic Love & Kisses Cosmetics Tin

Contains: 6x Eyeshadow, 2x Blushers, 2x Bronzers, 2x Highlighter Powder, 1x Lip Gloss.Suitable for v..


Technic Metalix Eye Set

3x Eyeshadow Cream, 1x Eyeshadow Primer..


W7 Lift and Sculpt Face Shaping Contour Palette

Lift & Sculpt is a cream contour kit, featuring 6 creamy shades to make that contouring process ..


Technic Chit Chat Perfect Nails New

Technic Chit Chat Perfect Nails

Contents: 2x Nail Varnish, 1x Nail File, 1x Nail Buffer, 1x Scissors..


Technic Festive Christmas Pamper Box

Contents: 1x Bubble Bath, 1x Body Scrub, 1x  Body Butter, 1x Bath Fizzer, 1x Soap, 1x Pumice St..


Technic Miss Cutie Pie Make-up & Hair Collection New

Technic Miss Cutie Pie Make-up & Hair Collection

Contents: 2x Lip Glosses, 2x Water-Based Nail Varnishes, Nail Stickers, 2x Hair Clips, 3x Hair Bands..


W7 Socialite Indulgent Shadow Palette

W7's Socialite eyeshadow palette is an indulgent, multi-textured pressed pigment palette. ..


Profusion Au Natural Kit Cosmetic Gift Set

Contains: A Duo Contour Palette, A Blush Palette, A Mascara, A Brow Pencil & Spooly, A Lip Color..


Technic Chit Chat Colour Wall

Contains: 53x Eyeshadow, 1x Double Ended Foam Applicator..


Technic Matte Watt Make-Up Kit New

Technic Matte Watt Make-Up Kit

Contents: 1x Mega Glow Highlight Palette, 1x Mega Matte Blush Palette, 1x Mega Matte Bronze Palette,..


Body Collection Lipstick Set New

Body Collection Lipstick Set

Contents: 4x Lipsticks Postage Weight:  120g..


W7 Around London Town 7pcs Gift Set New

W7 Around London Town 7pcs Gift Set

Our collection of fan favourites will become your to-go products for a flawless complexion, a sultry..


NYX Butt "Naked" Makeup Palette

Contains: 15x Eyeshadows, 4x Blushers, 1x Bronzer, 2x Illuminators, Applicators, Mirror...